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I have lived in the Northwest my whole life, and spent more than 20 years in the Seattle area. After working for a decade in a variety of educational settings supporting children with “learning needs”, I realized that the challenges many of my students faced would not be solved by rigorous academic support alone, but needed compassion, understanding and connection. Often supporting them also meant supporting their adult caregivers to be more patient with their child (and likely with themselves) as they faced a difficult time navigating school systems and social expectations.

After returning to school in my thirties for my Master’s Degree in Family Therapy at Antioch University, I now have a decade of experience providing individual and family therapy to people at many stages in their journey to well-being. I use a variety of therapy techniques depending on the issues one wants to address. I am intuitive and can meet a client where they are to support the goals they identify. While working with young people through the very real challenges of adolescence, peer pressure, and stress, I also am experienced with supporting individual adults and families.

I am a husband, a father, a brother, a son, a son in law, an uncle and a friend with my own opportunities to navigate the challenges of daily life. The superpower I was gifted with was ADHD. This attention difference gives me the ability to connect more deeply with others who are viewed as different, and the lived experience to understand what many kids (and adults) face daily as they struggle to be seen and understood beyond a behavior or disposition that may be viewed as “difficult.” I also identify as a CIS gendered, straight white male, and I am regularly doing my own self-work to recognize my biases and own my privilege. I welcome clients who have a different lived experience than my own, and to earn trust across difference, recognizing that hearing people’s stories is a privilege.

I have experience working in public and private school settings, public mental health agencies, and now in private practice. I find joy in working with people who are ready to make change in their lives, and I look forward to walking with you to create the change in your life that will bring YOU joy. I look forward to walking along side you as you navigate the twists and turns of your own journey, whatever your age, gender identity, or race.

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